BE COOL. BUT DON’T CHILL. | I’m the new kid on the block, the Urban Wrap. I’d describe myself as warm and inviting. The 100% 14w corduroy exterior makes me fashionably forward. But people always say it’s the inside that counts. And in there, I’m nothing but cozy fleece. Connecting with me should be a snap (actually I have velcro closures, but you get the idea).

I PUT MY THING DOWN, FLIP IT AND REVERSE IT Hey young pup. Size me up. I’m kinda like those old-school Classics, but I change with the times. I’m the Leather Reversible. I make a canine fashion statement with my fresh,
bold colors and design. Plus, I debut some innovative nickle clasps and buckles. Stars or stripes? How ‘bout both?!
I LOOK GOOD IN LEATHER Some might say I’m a Classic. I’m soft, supple and break in nicely. Durable? Check. Top stitched all around. Plus another layer of contrasting leather on the reverse side. Satisfaction guaranteed. Hey, did I tell you that Jack Russell once cast me as the “lead” in Air Bud?
SOME CALL IT PUPPY LOVE | I’m kinda new to this world. I’m the fall offspring of the Classic family. Yeah, people say I look a lot like my parents. But I’m part of a new generation! I have my own identity! I’ll lead by example. Dogs (and those wonderful food carrying humans) will take notice. I bet my substance (leather) and style (fabric design) will do that for me.
THE ATHLETIC TYPE  I seek a canine partner for a brisk jogs and sunlight basking. That you? Then try me on for size.
Say hello to the Urban Sweatshirt. Sure, I can be considered sportwear, but I’m much more than that. Check out my
double-stitched cuffs and hems. Want more? Consider me 100% cotton baby. You can sport me anywhere.
I’M GOING TO DRESS YOU UP WITH MY LOVE  I’m no Material Girl, but my fabrics are plenty fashionable.
I’m the Urban Sweater. My specs: mid weight, cotton/acrylic blend, cut higher along the bottom for comfort,
and machine washable. I like feel comfortable both inside and out. City dogs are usually my type. We fit nice together.